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Executive Director
Agency / Organization
Kelowna Women's Shelter
Contact name
Roberta Fidalgo
President of the Board
c/o Box 20193 RPO Towne Centre
British Columbia
Postal Code
V1Y 9H2
Are you an experienced, dynamic, collaborative non-profit leader with a passion for supporting women and children? Kelowna Women’s Shelter (Central Okanagan Emergency Shelter Society) is looking for its next executive director.

Kelowna Women’s Shelter assists women and children during and after intimate partner violence and abuse crisis; through emergency, transitional and second stage housing, a range of counselling, advocacy, and support services, and prevention education programs.

After almost 40 years serving the community, the organization is poised for significant expansion of its programs and facilities with the development of new second stage supported housing and permanent, affordable rental housing projects. It’s an exciting opportunity for an innovative and forward-thinking professional to take the reins as we extend the continuum of care we offer women and children in need.

If you meet, or exceed, the following requirements, please submit your cover letter and resume, including 3 work-related references.

• Post-secondary education related to social work/human services administration and/or business/program management.
• Significant and proven leadership and management skills developed through several years as executive director, or in senior management positions with a broad scope of responsibility, in similar organizations.
• An excellent understanding of women and children’s issues. Experience working in this area within BC would be considered an asset.
• Working knowledge of budgetary practices, and ability to apply those practices in the preparation & monitoring of delegated budget(s) and required funding reports; experience working with government, non-profit funding contracts an asset.
• Proven experience and success leading an organization, and its team, through substantial growth and change. Experience with a unionized environment is an asset.
• Proven skill at building and nurturing a healthy organizational culture, and encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

Salary commensurate with qualifications & competencies.

Job Description:Under the authority of the board of directors, the executive director ensures the delivery of quality client services by providing thorough management and oversight of the organization, and all its programs and services.



Hold overall responsibility for the administration and evaluation of all programs and services under the jurisdiction of the Board, within the mission, values, philosophy, and goals of the organization.

Ensure compliance with all legislation, regulations and guidelines relating to the organization’s role as employer and non-profit organization.

Identify and develop new programs and services, in response to community needs.

Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends related to the organization’s work.

Ensure all facility issues, including maintenance and need for additional space, are addressed in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Develop annual goals and objectives, in collaboration with staff and board for the purpose of long-range planning and evaluation.


Hold overall responsibility for management of human resources within the organization, in accordance with the organization’s human resources policies, the General Services Collective Agreement, and current legislation.

Hold responsibility for the recruitment, hiring, orientation, training, discipline, and termination of all personnel, both paid and volunteer, in partnership with respective staff.

Develop and regularly review job descriptions.

Ensure performance reviews and planning are completed, per the schedule prescribed in consultation with the board.

Build an effective management team, with appropriate provision for succession.

Ensure employees are provided with opportunities for professional staff development.


Act in the capacity of advisor and consultant to the board of directors by keeping them informed of the organization’s operations and activities so they have all the available information for carrying out their policy-making responsibilities.

In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, develop, implement and monitor all operating policies and procedures, including those for personnel, program, finance, and board governance, in a manner that ensures ethical, effective and safe delivery of service.

Ensure development and maintenance of a system of regular policy review.

Ensure all staff maintain consistent adherence to policy.

Maintain the organization’s strategic plan and report to the board as to the plan’s progress on a semi-annual basis, or as requested by the board.


Ensure the organization’s mission, programs and services are presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders, including funders, potential funders, and recipients of service, through various marketing strategies.

Oversee fund-raising planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals, and maintaining fundraising documentation.

Serve as the organization’s advocate, educator and liaison throughout the broader community.

Ensure the board is kept fully informed on the condition of the organization.

Establish and maintain sound working relationships with community groups and organizations.

Ensure regular management meetings and staff meetings are held to share information, gather input and resolve issues.

Maintain a collaborative work climate which attracts, maintains and motivates staff and volunteers.


Oversee the maintenance of a system of record-keeping for the organization, ensuring compliance with all related legislation, including provisions for record retention.

Ensure staff and board are trained and comply with all related policies of the organization, including those related to confidentiality of information.

Provide reports to the funding sources and board, including, but not limited to, Monthly narrative and statistical reports, financial reports, minutes of relevant meetings, annual goals and objectives, strategic plan updates, and an annual report which may be distributed to publicize the activities of the organization.

Financial Resources

Hold overall responsibility for the development and monitoring of the organization’s annual budget, prudently managing the organization’s resources within legislation and board policy.

Ensure adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work. Research and develop funding proposals, as necessary.

Ensure development and maintenance of sound financial practices, and strict adherence to KWS finance policies.

Organize, and ensure completion of, annual financial audit of society.

Ensure adequate insurance for the organization.



Post-secondary education related to human services/social work administration and/or business/program management, or equivalent related experience.

An excellent knowledge of legislation relevant to the programs and services under the jurisdiction of the organization.

Significant and proven leadership and management skills developed through several years in senior management positions in similar organizations.

An excellent understanding of gender-based violence, and women and children’s issues as they relate to Kelowna Women’s Shelter and its various programs and services.

Excellent organizational skills.

Demonstrated ability to develop policies and procedures.

An ability to apply analytical and problem-solving skills, in order to provide direction and guidance to the board and staff.

Experience working within, and leading, a multi-faceted environment which includes a mix of unionized and excluded staff.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and strong presentation skills.

Excellent interpersonal skills in relating to employees, board members, the public, other organizations, government officials, and the media, including the ability to inspire and motivate.

Demonstrated ability to implement and use information technology.

Excellent knowledge of budgetary practices, and ability to apply those practices in the preparation and monitoring of the organization’s annual budget.

Ability to raise the visibility of the organization through successful awareness and marketing activities.

Ability to foster a healthy organizational culture, and to encourage teamwork and collaboration.

Ability to resolve complex/contentious issues.


Ability to administer good judgment in situations where a decision is required outside the context of established policies, directives and/or regulations.

Ability to administer considerable judgment in determining overall resources required for the various programs and services, and the ability to monitor and control financial and human resources.

Ability to administer good judgment that prevents a negative impact on the organization, Board and its members, and the delivery of programs and services.


Accountable for all aspects of KWS operations, including programs, services, personnel, finance, administration, and quality assurance, including decisions taken by subordinates.

Accountable to ensure efficient and adequate programs, appropriate expenditures, and the provision of required services, within the funder and KWS policies and directives.


Regular and consistent contact with board members and established committees, government officials, and employees/employee groups for the purpose of negotiating contracts and agreements for service delivery, funding support, exchanging information, and/or resolving issues.

Ongoing contact with external community organizations and groups to coordinate activities, improve services, exchange information, and/or resolve issues.

Contact with the media on issues pertaining to programs, services, and issues under, or related to, the organization’s jurisdiction.


May be exposed to situations, including, but not limited to, strict deadlines, multiple demands, frequent interruptions, and exposure to pain and suffering of others that could create a moderate to high stress environment at times.


May be exposed to tasks requiring significant concentration and/or multi-sensory tasks over extended periods of time, and/or some physical demands related to repetitive movements and/or tasks such as lifting, carrying or similar.


37.5 hours per week


Satisfactory outcome of Criminal Reference Check required.
Closing Date