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Victim Assistance Worker
Agency / Organization
South Okanagan Victim Assistance
Contact name
Lorraine Renyard
Executive Director
#204-304 Martin Street
British Columbia
Postal Code

Client Service

• Provide short term emotional support specific to the unique needs and concerns of victims.
• Provide crisis response services during regular program hours where appropriate.
• Support victims who report to police and those who choose not to report.
• Ensure that client issues are treated confidentially and respectfully.
• Provide information on the dynamics of abuse, crime prevention and safety planning.
• Assist victims in completing Crime Victim Assistance applications and victim impact statements.
• Assist with safety planning and risk assessment..
• Provide accurate general and case-specific information about the justice system including: criminal justice system principles, functions and process, rights of victim and accused, roles of justice system personnel, court procedures, updates on status of investigation and prosecution, copies of court orders, sentencing, probation and parole.
• Maintain client confidentiality in accordance with the Personal Information Privacy Act.

Court Support and Accompaniment

• Facilitate accompaniment and/or transportation to police, Crown Counsel, court, community services or medical appointments where appropriate.
• Provide general and case specific information as the case proceeds through the court.
• Liaise with Crown Counsel, provide witness preparation, court tours and accompaniment.
• Debrief court experience and case outcome.
• Provide information on Provincial and Federal Corrections and the National Parole Board.
• Facilitate registration for notification with the appropriate institution or parole board.
• Assist with victim submissions to National Parole Board hearings.
• Prepare victims for the offender’s release.

Referrals and Liaison

• Contact incoming referral sources promptly and provide confirmation to referring agency.
• Assess victim needs and refer to appropriate resources as needed such as counselling, legal aid, and medical services.
• Make initial contact for the victim if requested and follow up if appropriate.
• Liaise with RCMP, Crown Counsel, court personnel, Corrections and other agencies and service providers on behalf of the victim.

Public Education and Community Coordination

• Provide public education on the dynamics of abuse, prevention, criminal victimization and victim services (when resources permit).
• Create, contribute to, or participate in committees and groups to promote and support victim’s rights in the community and the justice system.

Administration and Recordkeeping

• Ensure client files are accurate, up to date, and stored in keeping with records management guidelines and the Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA).
• Explain client confidentiality and ensure consent forms are signed.
• Ensure data entry and statistical reporting is completed on time.
• Adhere to the agency code of ethics.
• Participate fully in agency tasks, planning meetings, goal setting and consensus decision making as a member of the collaborative team at SOVAS.
• Practice consistent self care and consult with staff when needed on workload concerns.
• Participate in ongoing professional development.

• Related post secondary degree or diploma and/or work experience
• Knowledge of the criminal justice system
• Understanding of the dynamics of abuse and gender based violence
• Knowledge and experience working with individuals facing multiple barriers
• Ability to work with diverse clientele
• Knowledge of community resources and ability to liaise effectively
• Strong computer literacy and record keeping skills
• Willingness to fully participate in collaborative team decision making
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Second language an asset but not required
(250) 493-0800
Closing Date