Service Provider Training

We offer training, workshops and consultation to service providers and systems personnel to remove the barriers that heterosexism and homo/bi/transphobia create for queer women in abusive same-sex/gender relationships in the Vancouver Coastal Health region.

This anti-homo/bi/transphobia education is conducted in a way that reveals interconnections with other forms of oppression in queer women’s lives. The workshops are designed to increase the capacity of service providers to respond to queer women who have been abused with greater knowledge, sensitivity and skill. Our training challenges myths, stereotypes and misconceptions about lesbian, bisexual and queer (LBQ) women and abuse in same-sex/gender relationships. We also provide information and ideas for improving service accessibility and effectiveness.

These workshops also link organizations to the Safe Choices Program and the support and information we can provide about how to respond effectively to women who have experienced same-sex/gender abuse. Safe Choices occasionally offers trans-specific training to service providers on how to make their anti-violence services more accessible to trans and intersex survivors. Specialized training is preferred in addressing the needs of trans survivors since our curriculum is based on queer women’s experiences and does not adequately address trans and intersex folk.

Safe Choices has provided training to anti-violence workers, women’s centres, health care practitioners, victim services personnel, substance misuse counsellors, Corrections staff, AIDS organizations, multicultural organizations and therapists in private practice.

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