TPR Local Interagency Protocol Template

To implement Third Party Reporting (TPR) locally, CBVS and police need to negotiate local agreements incorporating the steps and procedures contained in the Police and CBVS Provincial Protocol Guidelines. A local TPR protocol template can be used as the basis … Continue reading

CCWS News Bulletin, March 2017

This CCWS News Bulletin, March 2017 features information about the role of the Legal Analyst on the CCWS team as it pays tribute to recently retired Legal Analyst Gisela Ruebsaat and welcomes her successor, Heather Wojcik.  A recognition of  one … Continue reading

Third Party Reporting for Survivors Under 19

While the BC Third Party Reporting (TPR) Protocol is intentionally focussed on adults aged 19 and over, it does not preclude consideration of the possibility of TPR in exceptional cases for younger survivors. This CCWS Info Bulletin, Third Party Reporting … Continue reading

CCWS News Bulletin, October 2016

This CCWS News Bulletin, October 2016 features information about piloting new VAWIR and ICAT training curriculum at a coordination capacity building session in Lillooet.  Other capacity building highlights in communities throughout BC are also noted, along with updates on upcoming … Continue reading

ICAT Best Practices Guide

Interagency Case Assessment Teams Best Practices: Working Together to Reduce the Risk of Domestic Violence Released in July 2015, this guide was developed over a two-year period by the ICAT Best Practices Advisory Team including representatives from Ending Violence Association … Continue reading