One of EVA BC’s key functions is the delivery of training related to gender-based violence. You will find information about all of our programs that deliver training below. Please take a look!

Annual Training

2009 heart decorated for conspicuous courage in the field

EVA BC’s Annual Training Forum is a key professional development event for anti-violence workers in British Columbia.  This popular forum brings together local and international experts to deliver keynotes and workshops that speak to emerging issues and best practices in the anti-violence field. ANNUAL TRAINING

Be More Than a Bystander

Bystander poster EVA BC regularly delivers training on its incredibly successful “Be More Than a Bystander” engagement model to a variety of organizations and employers that include professional and amateur sports teams, universities and colleges, unions, professional associations, and more. BE MORE THAN A BYSTANDER


Community Coordination for Women’s Safety (CCWS)

CCWS supports responders and service providers in working together to increase women’s safety in communities across BC. It actively promotes cross-sectoral collaboration and coordination at community, regional and provincial levels. CCWS 

Creating Safe Workplaces and Communities 

This Canada 150 project led by EVA BC addresses the issue of gender-based violence and its implications for women’s health and safety in the workplace. CREATING SAFE WORKPLACES AND COMMUNITIES

Gender-Based Violence: We All Can Help

This free, online course about gender-based violence is available to health sector workers through a collaborative project between the Ministry of Health, BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, and the Ending Violence Association of BC.  GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE: WE ALL CAN HELP

Indigenous Community Safety


This project creates knowledge sharing opportunities with leadership in Indigenous communities in British Columbia related to criminal justice, family justice and child protection laws, policies and practices that directly affect police and government responses to domestic and sexual violence and child abuse and neglect.  INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY SAFETY

Safe Choices Program

SafeChoices_Square-WEB-FINAL-02Safe Choices focuses on improving the health and safety of women who are currently or have been in abusive same-sex/gender relationships by empowering women and strengthening our communities to respond to this issue. Our use of the term “women” includes transgender/transsexual women. While the primary focus of the program is lesbian, bisexual, queer, Two-Spirit and trans women, we work to be inclusive of people with various gender identities as well as gay men in some circumstances. SAFE CHOICES PROGRAM

Useful Links


Find a range of resources relevant to anti-violence work via links to other organizations in British Columbia, across Canada and internationally. USEFUL LINKS