Canadian Violence Link – Online Workshop

Humane Canada is hosting the 2020 Canadian Violence Link on November 5th, a full-day workshop which will focus on better understanding the link between gender-based violence and animal abuse. This online workshop will feature speakers from EVA BC’s CCWS (Community Coordination for Women’s Safety), BC SPCA, and RCMP E-Division, and will provide opportunities for discussion and building connections between responders in your region to better support survivors and animals experiencing violence.

This year’s online workshop will provide attendees with:

  • Access to attendees from within your province,
  • Breakout room opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration,
  • Increased interaction with speakers though live sessions and Q/A,
  • Increased networking opportunities both 1-1 and in groups,
  • Time to go back and re-watch sessions post-event,
  • And experienced and knowledgeable speakers from your province.

The Canadian Violence Link Regional Workshops will be complimentary on a first come basis. These registrations are available to Police, Crown, Animal Welfare employees, Vet, Violence prevention and victim service employees who work on the violence link within their role. Please note that each sector will be able to offer free registration to a maximum of 55 participants. Registration will be offered on a first come, first serve basis so if this workshop is of interest to you, please register as soon as possible.

Registration is now open! Click here to register and use the code: partnerbc2020. This code is valid until October 12th, 2020.