CFAX 1070 Interview with Tracy Porteous – Harvey Weinstein, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

EVA BC Executive Director was on CFAX1070 yesterday speaking with Pamela McCall about Harvey Weinstein, and also what’s happening in Canada – 43% of women and 12% men say they have experienced sexual harassment at work in Canada, according to an Angus Reid poll from 2014. Thank you CFAX 1070 for inviting us to speak on the epidemic of sexual harassment in the workplace.

EVA BC is currently leading a 3 year project to address the issue of gender-based violence and its implications for women’s health and safety within the workplace. We are working with institutions and systems from Indigenous, immigrant/refugee, and corporate sectors, to develop policy and training on gender-based violence. To find out more about the project, please visit:…/safe-workplaces-communities/

Please check out the audio clip of the interview. Tracy is on at the 6 minute mark: CFAX 1070 Interview with Tracy Porteous – Harvey Weinstein