Free Legal Service Launches for Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment

A new legal program will provide up to five hours of advice to victims of workplace sexual harassment.

CBC Article – Free legal service launches for victims of workplace sexual harassment.

Vancouver Sun Article – Funding provides up to five hours of free legal services to victims of sexual harassment

Community Legal Assistance Society BC (CLAS) is coordinating this free, confidential service, as part of a joint program with EVA BC called SHARP Workplaces (Sexual Harassment Advice, Response, and Prevention for Workplaces). EVA BC’s focus will be on legal education and training for small business, non-profits, Indigenous communities, and youth-focused legal assistance centres to boost their ability to prevent and respond to workplace sexual harassment issues.

We are excited to be co-leading this 5 year project funded by the federal Department of Justice

For more information about the project, please visit SHARP Workplaces on the EVA BC website.