Got Consent? A New Campaign Creates Awareness about Consensual Sex


Got Consent? clothing is part of an awareness-raising campaign by the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) located at the Point Grey campus of the University of British Columbia.

The campaign touches upon the necessity for consent to be present during all sexual encounters. If consent is not present, it is considered sexual assault. ‘Consent’ is a freely given and enthusiastic “YES!” to the sexual activity that may be or is taking place. Not only must consent be enthusiastically given, it also must be ongoing. This means that people are responsible for checking in with their partner at every step of a sexual encounter, even if they have engaged in sexual activity with a particular person before.

To keep the idea of sexual consent in mind, “Got Consent?” is emblazoned across the items of clothing, which includes hot shorts, thongs, boxer-briefs, tank tops, and t-shirts. The idea for this campaign came from SASC volunteers who wanted a fun and thought-provoking way to spread the word at UBC on the topic of sexual consent. It was intended to (and has proved to be) a light-hearted way of encouraging people to think about how they seek and communicate consent.

It is sometimes thought that anti-violence organizations or support centres don’t like to talk about sex or sexuality in general. The SASC is in support of consensual sex. The “Got Consent?” campaign, like the SASC itself, is sex-positive and thus allows for open and frank conversations about consent. By putting “Got Consent?” on the underwear in particular, we hope to raise awareness that consent is sexy, and that good communication is a part of good sex.

The Got Consent? clothing is available at the SASC on the Point Grey campus of UBC, in the Student Union Building (room 119 A).

More information on the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) and the “Got Consent?” campaign can be found at