Men’s Role in #MeToo

In this Letter to the Editor, EVA BC responds to a recent Globe and Mail opinion piece by Gary Mason, The Many Voices of #MeToo Yet to be Heard, about how #MeToo presents an opportunity for social change and the crucial role men play – Men’s Role in #MeToo. (Please scroll down to the second letter.)

The letter in full:


Although violence and harassment have long affected women’s work lives, co-workers often don’t know what to say or do to intervene. As Gary Mason observed in his opinion piece, #MeToo presents an opportunity for social change, and the good news is, men have a crucial role to play (The Many Voices of #MeToo Yet To Be Heard, Aug. 3).

Since 1992, the Ending Violence Association of BC has been working to increase women’s safety, including engaging men as allies to help end gender-based violence. Our Be More Than a Bystander program recognizes that most men are not violent or abusive. Rather than calling men out, we call men in by teaching skills for intervening. Increasingly, universities, unions and corporations are working with us to create safer workplaces.

With #MeToo raising awareness and urgency, we have an opportunity to create real change.

– Tracy Porteous, Executive Director of Ending Violence Association of BC”