NEW! Be More Than A Bystander Videos – Scenarios

We are so pleased to share with you 3 new Be More Than A Bystander videos of bystander intervention scenarios.  These videos were created in partnership between EVA BC and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), as part of BCIT’s Bystander Intervention Program for post-secondary campuses, with funding from the Province of British Columbia.

Please visit our EVA TV YouTube page to view the playlist of all 3 videos.

Many thanks the Seven Bucks Film Crew, and to all the actors and volunteers involved in the filming of the BCIT Bystander Videos, including:

San Aung
Guilherme Caparica
Erika Hav Cervantes
Emily Feng
Joel Kucey
Erwin Kwok
Adam Labossiere
Dan Martinez
Dayleigh Nelson
Kevin Rosmer
Debbie Vega
Staff and volunteers from BCIT