2019 Webinars from EVA BC

Risk Identification and Safety Planning

Risk identification helps to recognize and address the risk of future violence, prioritize cases needing increased levels of support and intervention, inform safety plans, and assist in perpetrator management. Risk identification tools serve an important purpose in developing an appropriate safety plan and responding to threats for survivors of relationship violence. This two-hour webinar, launched in April 2019, introduces tools and practices for identifying evidence-based risk factors and circumstances that make survivors of relationship violence more at risk of serious or potentially lethal violence. It also touches on the principles of ethical and legal information sharing, documentation practices for high-risk cases, and basic safety planning and risk management.

Third Party Reporting – The British Columbia Protocol

This January 2019 webinar provides a history and overview of the British Columbia Third Party Reporting (TPR) Protocol and key elements of local implementation, as well as 2017 and 2018 updates to the BC TPR protocol. This 2-hour TPR Webinar is the most recent update in a series presented by the BC TPR Work Team over the last several years. The content is geared toward BC service providers facilitating TPR or making referrals to the TPR process. The webinar was hosted by the provincial TPR Work Team, which is led by the Ending Violence Association of BC’s Community Coordination for Women’s Safety program. Work Team members include the BC Association of Chiefs of Police, RCMP “E” Division, Vancouver Police Department Sex Crimes Unit, BC Association of Municipal Chiefs of Police, and the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.