Be More Than The NFL

Many thanks to Victoria Willes for her wonderful blog post on our #BeMoreThanABystander initiative and collaboration with the BC Lions. Victoria, a volunteer for the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre of UBC, attended a recent home game and from the stands she noted:

“Appearing alongside sponsor logos and other advertisements at BC Place, the campaign has certainly been integrated into the Lions commercial ethos. And, in such a small league, this endorsement arguably extends beyond the sidelines of BC Place to influence the greater business (and hopefully character) of the CFL. At the very least, ‘Be More Than a Bystander’ centers and confronts the issue of violence against women in the context of Canadian football. Mismanagement and distancing of transgressions, like the NFL of Ray Rice, would be inadmissible. The campaign identifies such incidents as crimes, generates awareness and dialogue about consent, and instills within the administration, team, and fans a better understanding of the issue. Combined, these elements redefine the culture of Canadian football to set a standard for violence prevention and action against perpetrators. There is an immediate accountability to the cause, and an expectation of appropriate management of any instances of violence.”

Please read the full article at the AMS SASC Blog – Be More Than The NFL