Be More Than A Bystander Film

BMTAB_DVD_CoverThis short documentary looks at violence against women through the lens of the Be More Than a Bystander Program – a groundbreaking initiative between EVA BC and the BC Lions Football Club aimed at substantially increasing understanding of the impact of domestic and sexual violence in the lives of girls and women and on our communities as a whole.

The Be More Than a Bystander film presents a fresh look at gender violence that engages men and boys as allies and encourages them to be more than bystanders. In this documentary, viewers see BC Lions players sharing their personal stories about how they engage with the issues, both through intimate personal reflections and in their interactions with youth in schools and events throughout the province. This is combined with the analysis of feminist anti-violence experts and community advocates who offer a broad framework for understanding why violence against women is a men’s issue.

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After distributing copies of the film to schools and anti-violence programs throughout British Columbia, EVA BC is making them available for general purchase. For more details, please contact us by email evabc (at) or call 604.633.2506.

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