BC School Program

Bystander High School Presentations

BC Lions players have reached thousands of BC high school students in person since they began delivering the Be More Than a Bystander message in 2012. Each school visit consists of a large-scale assembly to the general student body plus a breakaway leadership session with student leaders.  The program focusses on the importance of creating a safe environment in the school for young men and women, what it means to be more than a bystander, and how students can initiate change. Participants receive printed materials, framed in the context of a playbook which contains information on how they can help change attitudes and stop violence against women.

BC School Visits

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The Be More Than a Bystander School Program is supported with funds from the Province of British Columbia and offered at no charge. There is typically a wait list of schools to host this event. For more information, please email or phone 604.633.2506 ext.15.