Be More Than a Bystander

Youth Education Program

Be More Than a Bystander breaks the silence surrounding gender-based violence by providing accessible tools, language and practical ideas about how to speak up and how to communicate that violence and abuse is not acceptable.

In 2011, EVA BC and the BC Lions Football Club formed a groundbreaking partnership to provide high school students with the confidence and the skills to Be More Than a Bystander and break the silence on gender-based violence.

The success of our Be More Than a Bystander model led to the creation of workplace programming, and an expanded scope to cover all forms of violence, harassment and bullying. EVA BC now works with some of BC’s largest employers and unions to create inclusive workplace cultures by inspiring action and true leadership at all levels.

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BC Lions players, specially trained by EVA BC on bystander intervention and anti-violence principles, have reached thousands of BC high school students since they began delivering the Be More Than a Bystander message. Presentations are offered both virtually or in-person to the general student body. We coordinate with local anti-violence support workers to ensure students have support if needed. We also provide information for the schools regarding support services in their area.


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The program focuses on the importance of creating a safe environment in the school for young youth, what it means to be more than a bystander, and how students can initiate impactful change. Participants receive printed materials, framed in the context of a playbook which contains information how they can help change attitudes and stop gender-based violence.

  • Delivered throughout the province of British Columbia
  • Offered at no charge
  • Can accommodate in-person or virtual presentations

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