Bystander for Resource Industry Workplaces

Become More Than Bystanders: Ending Violence Against Women in Resource Industry Workplaces

Employers in need of information on addressing specific violence in the workplace incidents, or who would like to discuss training, please contact EVA BC at or call 604.633.2506.

Training Film and Viewer’s Guide

Employers in British Columbia and across Canada are increasingly aware of the impacts domestic and sexual violence can have on their workers and workplaces. Developed to assist employers in fostering environments where individuals can perform at their best, this 30-minute film and viewer’s guide brings the incredibly successful “Be More Than a Bystander” model of individuals taking responsibility for respectful and non-violent interactions to the resource extraction industry with the goal of helping employers and employees enhance health and safety in their workplaces and their communities.

This film takes a look at men in extraction communities who are joining the campaign to end violence against women. Resource extraction is an industry that primarily employs men. We know the majority of men do not use violence or abuse toward women. If that majority speaks up to the minority of men who do use violence, they can help change attitudes and behaviours.

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All employers have an obligation to respond to and manage all workplace hazards. Domestic and sexual violence at home often shows up at work in the form of offenders following or confronting their spouses at work, offenders using company resources to harass their targets or cause employee distraction due to stress that could create unsafe workplaces for all.

Become More Than Bystanders shows your workforce there is much that can be done and many ways people can safely intervene, speak up and be more than bystanders.

This film, produced by the Ending Violence Association of BC, was developed in partnership with the BC Lions Football Club. Funding support was provided by the BC Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training and Responsible for Labour, and Encana.

See April 2016 Media Release: Unique Partnership Launches Video to Stop Violence Against Women

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