CCWS Services

CCWS offer coordination support for communities in various ways. We work with rural and urban communities, and women who face particular discrimination in those communities (including Aboriginal women, women of colour, immigrant women, low-income women, women with disabilities, lesbians, transgendered women, older women and young women).

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.

Coordination Initiatives

CCWS assists communities to increase women’s safety by developing new coordination initiatives on violence against women, or by enhancing existing coordination initiatives. “Coordination Initiatives” are groups working to increase women’s safety with a more coordinated local response to violence against women. These coordination initiatives range from Violence Against Women in Relationships (VAWIR) committees, to specialized partnerships between agencies, and Interagency Case Assessment Teams (ICATs).

Workshops and Training

Local workshops are part of a broad range of support that is available from CCWS. On first contact with a community, CCWS Regional Coordinators assess the state of community coordination. They then provide referrals and information about CCWS resources or other resources such as policies or best practice guidelines. If a community wants CCWS to provide in person training, we work with the community to establish a local steering committee that will guide us in providing the most appropriate and relevant training for that particular community. Workshops are then followed up with ongoing contact and support for the community, both in person and via phone and email. Click here for details on past training sessions.

Policy Development And Implementation

CCWS tracks and develops negotiated solutions to issues that arise locally but may require response at a provincial or national level. This approach includes legal and policy analysis of the issues, production of written resources, and addressing of key systemic issues by the provincial level Working Group.


To further support discussions and solutions management at the regional level, program staff facilitate cross-regional intersectoral discussions via teleconference on key issues of concern. These calls are open to those who are involved in coordination in their community. Each teleconference focuses on one or two key issues, and participants on the call are invited to give feedback about what is and is not working in their community, ask questions, and flag issues that require followup. These discussions allow CCWS to gain an understanding of how certain issues affect various communities and sectors, which informs the work that we do.

If you are involved in coordination in your community and would like to be informed of the next regional teleconference call, please contact ccws (at) for more information.

News Bulletins

The CCWS news bulletin is published twice per year with key updates for those involved in cross-sector coordination. Visit our Resources page to see past CCWS news bulletins.


If you are involved in cross-sectoral coordination in your community, you may be eligible to join our coordination listserv. Visit Join One of Our Listservs for information about eligibility, our user agreement, and how to sign up.