Creating Safer Workplaces and Communities

Working with Employers to Improve Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response for BC Institutions and Systems

Gender-based violence is an epidemic in BC, is disproportionately perpetrated against women, and constitutes barriers to women’s full and equal participation in many institutions and workforces. Women are 60% of the Canadian workforce and it is not uncommon for gender-based violence to occur within, and spill over into, the workplace. The costs of gender-based violence are borne by institutions and systems across BC. When gender-based violence intrudes on the workplace, employers, managers, and co-workers often experience reactions such as helplessness, shock, disbelief, guilt, fear, and a general sense of not knowing what to do.

This three-year (2017–2020) project led by EVA BC addresses the issue of gender-based violence and its implications for women’s health and safety within the workplace. In the absence of comprehensive institutional policy and training to address this issue, survivors of violence are unlikely to disclose and bystanders are unlikely speak up. We are working with institutions and systems from Indigenous, immigrant/refugee, and corporate sectors, to develop policy and training on gender-based violence.

This project will be facilitated by leaders with experience and expertise in engaging with institutions and systems across Indigenous, immigrant and refugee, and corporate sectors. These leaders are Chastity Davis, Ninu Kang, and Tracy Porteous.

Chastity, Ninu and Tracy are also participating in Status of Women Canada’s pan-Canadian network of 150 key women leaders, which is working to support feminist action for gender equality at a national level.

Gender-Based Violence, Harasment, and Bullying: Workplace Policy Guidelines for Response and Prevention 2019

This resource has been created for individuals in leadership positions who have a responsibility to develop and/or implement workplace gender-based violence, harassment, and bullying policy. These guidelines will support leadership to develop comprehensive workplace policy that enhances organizational responses to and prevention of gender-based violence, harassment, and bullying.

L-R: Ninu Kang, MOSAIC; Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada; Hon. Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women Canada; Tracy Porteous, Ending Violence Association of BC; Chastity Davis, Minister’s Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women

This project is funded by Status of Women Canada.