Sharing, Gathering, Honouring: Increasing Safety for Aboriginal Women, Youth and Community

2011 – Terrace, BC

More keynote videos from this event are available on the keynote speeches playlist on our Youtube Page

Community Coordination for Women’s Safety (CCWS), in partnership with Northwest Community College (NWCC), organized a Regional Gathering in Terrace on March 17 & 18, 2011. The Gathering was held in the beautiful new Waap Galts’ap (community long house), with permission from the Laxgyibuu Clan of the Kitsumkalum Nation. Attended by more than 127 people, the Gathering was part of the Aboriginal Initiative that CCWS has undertaken in the Northwest region which has focused on strengthening collaborations and increasing capacity among Aboriginal communities, anti-violence services and coordination initiatives to address violence against Aboriginal women. Participants included First Nations village leadership, band health, social and other services, urban Aboriginal services, mainstream anti-violence programs, and members of existing coordination initiatives on violence in relationships and sexual assault. We would like to acknowledge that we were gathered on Laxgyibuu Clan Territory, Kitsumkalum Nation, and thank Laxgyibuu Clan Matriarch Vera Dudoward for giving permission for the gathering. EVA BC and Community Coordination for Women’s Safety gratefully acknowledge funding from the Department of Justice Canada and the Province of BC for supporting this important event.

Keynote presentations:

  • Justice and Healing on the Highway of Tears: Supporting Families and Communities ~ Brenda Wilson and Matilda Wilson – Brenda Wilson: Carrier Sekani Family Services, Highway of Tears Governing Body
  • Finding My Voice as a First Nations Woman ~ Marilyn George – STV Outreach, Northern Society for Domestic Peace
  • Linking Literacy and Safety ~ Belinda LaCombe – STV Counsellor, Northern Society for Domestic Peace
  • Willa de dim dills – The Way We Live ~ Ruby Morgan – Traditional Health Specialist
  • Resurgence of Aboriginal Men as Protectors: Overcoming the Violence in Aboriginal Communities ~ Mavis Erickson and Paul Michel – Mavis Erickson: Lawyer and Coordinator for the Carrier Sekani Family Service’s Highway of Tears: Missing and Murdered Woman Initiative and Paul Michel: First Nations Director at the University of Northen British Columbia
  • A Process To End Violence Against Aboriginal Women: Learning from Ontario ~ Terry Swan – Aboriginal Healing Wellness Strategy Program Manger, Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres.
  • Health Collaboration on Violence Against Aboriginal Women ~ Larinda Swain – Aboriginal Health Program, BC Women’s Hospital Accountability for Violence: Guiding Principles for Interventions to Increase Safety ~ Ninu Kang – Director of Family Programs, MOSAIC