SOS Response


This  EVA BC Pilot Project in partnership with TELUS and Securigard took place from April to October 2013.

Please note that the SOS Response APP is no longer available.


The SOS Response Mobile APP was a tool for women at risk from intimate partner violence to increase their safety at home, work, school, or wherever women go. It was a global, mobile, 24/7 monitored alarm system that worked on a smart phone, had a GPS locator and provided emergency responses for women facing high risk.

The program was a partnership between the Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC), Securiguard, and for the pilot phase, TELUS, who provided phones and data plans for women to use them.

The mobile safety app was the brainchild of EvidencePix founder and CEO Ray Sobol. After hearing about the kidnapping of a 16-year old girl from her family’s driveway, the father of five daughters set out to create a cell phone based personal panic button. The result was the SOS Response personal safety app.

How It Works

The SOS Response app is downloaded to a smart phone including iPhone, iPad, and android devices (it does not currently work with Blackberry). Upon installation, women provide Securiguard with pertinent information about themselves, their kids, the situation, and specifics about the risks. When the SOS Response app button is pressed, it immediately begins taking and transmitting photos at a rate of one per second, for 30 seconds. The GPS location, time and date are sent to the monitored alarm call centre with each photo. SOS Central will then call the phone the SOS came from. If it is deemed this is an emergency, SOS Central will contact police, provide them with the information that this is a Priority 1 call and pass on all the pertinent information which can save valuable minutes and ultimately, lives!