Resource on Interpreting Provisions of the New Divorce Act

Canada’s federal Divorce Act will soon change in significant ways. Professor Emerita Linda C. Neilson and Professor Emerita Susan B. Boyd from Peter A Allard School of Law are kindly sharing the attached document they developed for public information purposes, INTERPRETING THE NEW DIVORCE ACT, RULES OF STATUTORY INTERPRETATION & SENATE OBSERVATIONS. The document builds on the work that many feminist advocates did to try to improve the wording of the new Divorce Act, especially taking into account violence against women and children and how that affects child custody law processes. They hope that this document will inform advocates, lawyers, judges and others, and are sending it to various NGOs, women’s groups, and so on, over the next few days. Please feel free to circulate the document to anyone who would be interested.

PDF: Interpreting the New Divorce Act