NEW Resource: Sexual Violence Safety and Risk Guiding Principles

EVA BC’s Community Coordination for Women’s Safety (CCWS) team is pleased to share Sexual Violence Safety and Risk (SVSR) Guiding Principles, written and developed by Gisela Ruebsaat with the support of others at CCWS and in consultation with several experts.

The SVSR Guiding Principles is for Community Based Victim Services and other community programs facilitating TPR, and were developed to provide very basic, general information to help agencies identify key warning signs for further violence and decide whether a case, including identifying information might need to be reported to the police who could then conduct a more formal risk assessment.

The SVSR Guiding Principles are intended to be read and used in conjunction with the Third Party Reporting Guidebook 2.0. The Guidebook and other important information about Third Party Reporting is available on our Third Party Reporting Webpage.