Non-Fatal Strangulation, EVA Notes

Non-Fatal Strangulation is shockingly common in intimate partner violence, but often goes undisclosed. It’s very important that both survivors and advocates working with them are aware that injuries arising out of strangulation may not become apparent for days, weeks or … Continue reading

Working with Clients Who Self-Injure, EVA Notes

Self-injury behaviour (SIB) is when someone deliberately causes injury to one’s own body, without the intention to commit suicide or for body modification such as a tattoo or a piercing. SIB is also called non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) or deliberate self-harm … Continue reading

CBVS – Access to JUSTIN

This 4-page EVA BC Information Bulletin discusses the implications for victims/survivors of power-based crimes and staff related to Community-Based Victim Services (CBVS) workers’ lack of access to JUSTIN. This was developed as a follow-up to a teleconference discussion EVA BC … Continue reading

EVA BC Newsletter, Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 EVA BC Newsletter includes content from three keynote speakers at our Annual Training Forum: Indigenizing Higher Education and the Calls to Action by Shelly Johnson (Mukwa Musayett), Canadian Research Chair in Indigenizing Higher Education Immigrant Women Speak … Continue reading

EVA E-News, August 2018

This edition of the EVA E-News features information about the EVA BC Annual Training Forum 2018, as well as the Pre-Conference Consultation on Sexual Assault Prevention, Education and Response in BC held November 14, 2018. Readers also get a glimpse … Continue reading

Funded Family Justice 211 Report Service

EVA BC Information Update, December 2018 Section 211 of the BC Family Law Act authorizes courts to order reports that assess the needs of a child, the ability of a party to satisfy those needs and/or the views of a … Continue reading