Spring 2021 Training Forum

Honouring Anti-Violence Workers

EVA BC’s 2021 Training Forum focused on Honouring Anti-Violence Workers through building their capacity to carry forward their crucial work of supporting survivors of gender-based violence and their communities.

Over our four days together, the 2021 Training Forum:

  • Explored the current contexts of anti-violence work and those most impacted by gender-based violence;
  • Gained knowledge and skills in responding to emerging issues, including providing services during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Built strategies for wellness, self-care, and mitigating the impacts of vicarious trauma;
  • Integrated intersectional, anti-racist and decolonizing approaches; and
  • Created opportunities for cross-provincial and cross-sectoral connection.

A text box reads “Thank you for attending! Annual Training Forum 2021: Honouring Anti-Violence Workers.” Below the text box is a screenshot of 14 EVA BC staff members connecting via videoconference at the 2021 Training Forum.


Watch the 2021 Keynote Addresses

Whether you missed catching them live, want to revisit them, or are eager to share with your colleagues – EVA BC is pleased to share this video playlist of 2021 keynote addresses and plenary presentations:

Our 2021 Agenda
Click here (PDF) to check out the 2021 Training Forum’s keynotes, honoured guests, and wellness sessions, and workshop presenters.

2021 Training Forum Participants

EVA BC was thrilled to welcome over 500 participants to the 2021 Training Forum, from across the province and across various programs that respond to gender-based violence.

Program Types

A colourful pie chart shows the percentages of 2021 Training Forum participants within each sector and/or program type. Of those who submitted evaluation forms, 14% of participants were from Community-Based Victim Service Programs; 28% from Stopping the Violence Counselling programs; 7% from Stopping the Violence Outreach programs; 1% from Multicultural Outreach programs; 1% from Indigenous Specific Programs; 6% from Sexual Assault/Women Assault Programs; 7% from Transition House programs; 1% from RCMP; 9% from Police-Based Victim Services; 13% from Government; 1% from the Health Sector; and 12% from Other sectors and/or programs.

Primary Work Locations

A colourful pie chart shows the percentages of 2021 Training Forum participants who work in various regions across the province of British Columbia. Of those who submitted evaluation forms, 14% of participants work primarily in the North Vancouver Island region; 6% work in the South Vancouver Island region; 20% work in the Lower Mainland; 13% work in the Fraser Valley; 8% work in the Interior; 7% work in the Okanagan; 4% in the East Kootenay region; 4% in the West Kootenay region; 4% in the North Coast Region; 8% in the North Central region; 4% in the Northeast region; and 8% from Other regions.

Note: Percentages refer to responses submitted through Training Forum evaluations (n=157), not the total number of registered Training Forum participants (N=512).

The ATF Goes Online

Dark red text shows a quote which reads: Online definitely allowed for more staff to attend due to less expense however online there is no time/ability for networking. One of the things I love about EVA's ATF in the past is the networking and reconnecting that happens when we are all together. We often work in silos so in person networking always feels awesome. The quote is labeled as Feedback from ATF Participant.This year’s Training Forum was EVA BC’s first to be hosted virtually. Many of this year’s participants have shared that the online format made this year’s Training Forum more accessible, for more staff, than it may have been otherwise. We have also consistently heard how valuable in-person training opportunities continue to be, emphasized by their absence this year. In making decisions about upcoming training opportunities, EVA BC will be taking all the feedback we received into account, along with any ongoing public health considerations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Support & Acknowledgement

EVA BC is grateful to the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General for their support of EVA BC’s Annual Training Forum and ongoing support of BC’s anti-violence sector.

Uber logo

EVA BC also acknowledges Uber for their financial support of EVA BC’s 2021 Annual Training Forum, as well as their ongoing work to raise awareness and combat gender-based crimes throughout Canada.


Bird image provided by Sheila Norgate
EVA BC’s Training Forum artwork was generously provided by Sheila Norgate.