ICAT Best Practices Guide, 2nd edition

Interagency Case Assessment Teams Best Practices: Working Together to Reduce the Risk of Domestic Violence Released in June 2017, this is the 2nd edition of the ICAT Best Practices Manual.  These best practices were developed collaboratively involving criminal justice, child … Continue reading

Sexual Assault Support Worker Handbook, May 2016

This update of the Sexual Assault Support Worker Handbook, last revised in 2007, was developed as part of the Western Canada Sexual Assault Initiative funded by Status of Women Canada. Updates reflect changes in policy, legislation and best practices. It also … Continue reading

Program Standards: Community-based Victim Services

From the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the Program Standards for Specialized Victim Assistance Programs  (now known as Community-based Victim Service Programs). August 1999 Download (pdf)

Is Someone You Know Being Abused?

A resource by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General that provides information about identifying the warning signs of abuse and the ways to help: Is someone you know being abused? Do you know the warning signs? 

ICAT Orientation Presentation

ICAT (Interagency Case Assessment Team) Orientation Presentation. To view and edit the presentation, please click the following link: ICAT Orientation Presentation. For a copy of the presentation, please contact us.