Healthcare Resources for Vulnerable and Older Adult Survivors

Healthcare providers are required to obtain informed consent to treatment from an adult (19 years or older) before medical care is provided except under the following circumstances:  

  • When urgent or emergency medical care is required, the adult is incapable of consenting, and a committee or representative with authority to consent or a temporary substitute decision maker (TSDM) is not available.
  • When involuntary psychiatric treatment is needed under the Mental Health Act.
  • For preliminary examinations such as triage or assessment (Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia, 2023). 

Adults that are unable to get help because of a physical restraint, physical disability, illness, disease, injury, or condition that affects their ability to make decisions about the abuse, including sexual assault or neglect, have protection provisions under the Legal Guardianship Act (CCEL BCLI, 2022). 

You can report the abuse or neglect of an adult who cannot seek support and assistance to a designated agency listed below (CCEL BCLI, 2022): 

  • Fraser Health Authority.
  • Interior Health Authority. 
  • Northern Health Authority. 
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority. 
  • Providence Health Care.
  • Community Living BC (CCEL BCLI, 2022).    

Contact Seniors First BC
for more information about how to support older adults that have experienced abuse.