The Changing Perceptions of Sexual Assault research project was a multi-year partnership between BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre and the Ending Violence Association of BC to understand what either supported or created barriers for people to disclose sexual assault and access sexual assault services in BC.

The research findings outlined the challenges faced by survivors to access support, and prompted recommendations that included additional training and stronger coordination between the health and anti-violence sectors as a way forward to support survivors of sexual assault.

Here are the four key recommendations: 

  1. Recognize sexual assault response as a public health priority.
  2. Build health sector capacity for sexual assault response.
  3. Strengthen health and anti-violence sector coordination.
  4. Build public awareness of sexual assault and available services.

You can download and read the full report here:
Changing Perceptions of Sexual Assault: Research Findings and Recommendations for Improving the Healthcare Response.

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