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Bystander poster

Be More Than a Bystander

This groundbreaking partnership between EVA BC and the BC Lions sees sports icons from the BC Lions urging everyone to “Break the Silence on Violence Against Women”. BE MORE THAN A BYSTANDER


Community Coordination for Women’s Safety

CCWS supports responders and service providers in working together to increase women’s safety in communities across BC. CCWS 

Creating Safe Workplaces and Communities

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Annual Training

2009 heart decorated for conspicuous courage in the field

EVA BC’s Annual Training Forum is a key professional development event for anti-violence workers in British Columbia.  This popular forum brings together local and international experts to deliver keynotes and workshops that speak to emerging issues and best practices in the anti-violence field. ANNUAL TRAINING

BC Missing Women Network


This innovative partnership between EVA BC, RCMP “E” Division and Surrey Women’s Centre creates a communication system between law enforcement and community victim services to help locate missing women and ensure they are safe, while still respecting their need for privacy and confidentiality.  BC MISSING WOMEN NETWORK

Indigenous Community Safety


In its first two years, this project created knowledge sharing opportunities with leadership in 13 Indigenous communities in British Columbia related to criminal justice, family justice and child protection laws, policies and practices that directly affect police and government responses to domestic and sexual violence and child abuse and neglect.  INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY SAFETY

Past Initiatives

MenSpeakUpIconFind out more about former EVA BC projects and initiatives such as “Men Speak Up” and “For the Dignity of Every Woman”. PAST INITIATIVES

Public Education Resources

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EVA BC develops public education tools and materials on an ongoing basis to assist anti-violence organizations in raising awareness and providing training. These materials are available for free download and many can be adapted to the needs of your organization. PUBLIC EDUCATION RESOURCES

Safe Choices Program

SafeChoices_Square-WEB-FINAL-02Safe Choices focuses on improving the health and safety of women who are currently or have been in abusive same-sex/gender relationships by empowering women and strengthening our communities to respond to this issue. Our use of the term “women” includes transgender/transsexual women. While the primary focus of the program is lesbian, bisexual, queer, Two-Spirit and trans women, we work to be inclusive of people with various gender identities as well as gay men in some circumstances. SAFE CHOICES PROGRAM

Safety of Immigrant, Refugee and Non-Status Women Project

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Completed in March 2011, the Safety of Immigrant, Refugee, and Non-Status Women Project was a 3-year partnership undertaken by EVA BC with MOSAIC and Vancouver Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services to consult, analyze and take action to address policy gaps that compromise the safety of immigrant, refugee, and women who otherwise are in Canada without legal status who experience violence. SAFETY OF IMMIGRANT, REFUGE AND NON-STATUS WOMEN PROJECT

Training for Employers


Domestic Violence does not stay at home when employees go to work: workplaces can prevent violence and develop safe, productive worksites. Building on EVA BC’s Renewing Resources Training Program in 2008 which trained over 600 employees in the natural resource sector, EVA BC works with employers to take a proactive preventative approach to domestic violence. TRAINING FOR EMPLOYERS

Western Canada Sexual Assault Initiative

Western Canada map

Launched in 2014, this two-year collaborative project between British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Alberta is working to ensure consistent and improved responses to sexual assault across Canada’s four western provinces. WESTERN CANADA SEXUAL ASSAULT INITIATIVE

Useful Links


Find a range of resources relevant to anti-violence work via links to other organizations in British Columbia, across Canada and internationally. USEFUL LINKS