Adler University grants honorary doctorate to EVA BC’s executive director, Ninu Kang

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Adler University has a mission to continue the work of its namesake, Alfred Adler, in community psychology, “… graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities, and advancing social justice,” and the university has been committed to a vision of social justice for the school for 70 years. The university’s mission and vision aligns well with EVA BC’s own commitment to work together with communities to end gender-based violence, harassment and hate.

With its commitment to community work and social justice, we are particularly proud that the university chose our executive director, Ninu Kang, for their honorary doctorate in recognition of her many years of work as a community leader in immigrant and refugee settlement and responding to youth gang violence and gender-based violence, as well as her dedication to anti-racism work and coalition building.

Ninu received this honour as part of the university’s commencement ceremony on October 8, 2022, in Vancouver. You can watch the ceremony here, including Ninu’s commencement speech and acceptance of the honorary doctorate designation.

Congratulations to Ninu and all the 2022 Adler University graduates. 

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