Challenge the misuse of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence survivors 

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In 2023, BC Green Party’s leader, MLA Sonia Furstenau, with support from Can’t Buy My Silence, brought forward Bill M215 to address the use of NDAs to cover up harassment, discrimination and sexual assault or sexual misconduct.

EVA BC has written to Premier David Eby and Attorney General Niki Sharma in support of this bill. 

What can you do?  

Contact your MLA and tell them you support Bill M215 to end the use of NDAs in cases of sexual harassment, discrimination, and assault. It only takes a few minutes to send an email or call and it can have a big impact. 

In Canada, only Prince Edward Island has passed similar legislation and Manitoba and Nova Scotia are considering similar bills. BC’s legislation can contribute to increasing safety and support for survivors and breaking cycles of violence through prevention, healing and accountability. 

Why this bill is so important 

An NDA is a signed legal document that restricts sharing any information deemed confidential. Here are some examples of the occasions when someone might be asked to sign an NDA:  

  • At the start of employment to protect proprietary company information, intellectual property, or client data.  
  • When you make a complaint about harassment or discrimination and ask for a formal investigation.
  • As a requirement of receiving a legal settlement (for example, in a case of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and cases of racist or sexist discrimination). 
  • In advance of beginning a personal relationship (for instance with high profile individuals). 

Check out the Can’t Buy My Silence campaign to learn more about the misuse of NDAs to silence survivors and cover-up cases of harassment and discrimination. 

If you are in the Lower Mainland, there is a free event in Vancouver at 7 pm on May 8, at UBC Robson Square: An Evening with Can’t Buy My Silence, a discussion on the misuse of non-disclosure agreements with Can’t Buy My Silence co-founder Dr. Macfarlane together with legal experts, victims-rights advocates, survivors, and government leaders. 

Please also considering signing this petition to “prohibit non-disclosure agreements in sexual assault cases across Canada”. 

You can also consider signing the BC Green Party’s petition in support of this change in the legislation. 

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