For all media inquiries, please contact:

Ninu Kang
Executive Director
Tel: 604-633-2506 ext. 15
Email:  kang [at] endingviolence [dot] org

General Inquiries
Email:  communications [at] endingviolence [dot] org


Attention, Journalists:

We recognize the challenges involved in shaping narratives and educating the public about gender-based violence. Sometimes it can feel daunting to know what terms and phrases are acceptable, especially when addressing marginalized communities. Therefore, we recommend these online resources and hope that you will find them useful in your work:

  • Reporting on Gender-Based Violence: A Guide for Journalists — This 2020 publication from The Equal Press Project, which EVA BC advised, offers focused tip-sheets on four marginalized communities: LGBTQIA2+ folks, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and migrants. In addition to the digital version, there is a limited number of hard copies available.