EVA BC core membership application

Thank you for your interest in joining EVA BC as a core member. Membership is renewed annually. Our fiscal year is April 1 to March 31

As per EVA BC’s bylaws, Core members are those organizations that are contracted by the Province of BC’s ministry responsible for victim services (MPSSG) to provide:

  • Community-Based Victim Services;
  • Stopping the Violence Counselling programs;
  • Stopping the Violence Outreach Services;
  • Multicultural Outreach Services;
  • Sexual Assault Services.

Core members are entitled to vote and stand for election as directors at general meetings of EVA BC.

Read about core membership benefits on this page.

We will send your application to the EVA BC board of directors for their formal approval and notify you with their decision.

Before you complete your EVA BC membership application, please select your preferred method of payment below. If for any reason your membership is not approved, we will send you a refund. If you have questions about payment, please email us at finance@endingviolence.org.

Payment options

Please choose your preferred method of payment for your EVA BC core membership: