EVA BC granted intervenor status to make submissions in legal aid challenge before BC Supreme Court

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EVA BC now has intervenor status in the Single Mothers’ Alliance vs BC, a constitutional challenge against the Province of BC and the Legal Services Society (now known as Legal Aid BC) for failing to provide adequate family law legal aid to women leaving abusive relationships. You can read more about the case on the West Coast LEAF website here.

The outcome of this challenge could be particularly important for those who are most likely to be impacted by gender-based violence and face the most barriers accessing legal aid, especially Indigenous and newcomer women, those living with disability, racialized people, trans people, others in the 2SLGBTQIAA+ community, and those who live in poverty or uncertain statuses or circumstances.

The BC Supreme Court has recognized EVA BC as an organization with special expertise and — with our membership of frontline anti-violence programs — a broadly identifiable base, who have interests in the proceedings by the Single Mothers’ Alliance.  As such, EVA BC has been granted intervenor status to make submissions in the case. The action brought by the Single Mothers’ Alliance is a systemic constitutional challenge to the legal aid legislative scheme in BC and at its core addresses access to justice for fleeing violence, something that EVA BC has the expertise to speak to.

Our thanks to Kamaljit Lehal and Karen Segal, legal counsel representing EVA BC in this matter.

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