Join One of Our Listservs

EVA BC manages 5 separate listservs for members from Community-Based Victim Services Programs (CBVS), Stopping the Violence (STV) Counselling Programs, Stopping the Violence (STV) / Multicultural Outreach Programs, cross-sectoral community coordination initiatives and executive directors. The listservs have created a lively forum for programs to share information and for EVA BC to distribute crucial updates and new resources.

Step 1: Make sure you are eligible

To join the EVA BC listservs for Community-Based Victim Services, STV Counselling, STV/Multicultural Outreach or Executive Directors, you must work for an EVA BC member program.

To join the listserv for cross-sectoral coordination initiatives, you must currently be a member of a community coordination group. (For more information about cross-sectoral coordination visit Community Coordination for Women’s Safety.)

Step 2: Read the listserv user agreement and sign up