Executive Director
Chimo Community Services

Client Organization:       Chimo Community Services

Position Title:                    Executive Director 

Reports to:                          The Board of Directors        

Location:                             Richmond, BC.


What Does Chimo Mean?  Chimo is a friendly way of greeting someone in Inuktitut. The word ‘Chimo’ is believed to mean a special friend for people in need of someone to talk to.  It is said that when the Inuit people would greet each other with the word ‘Chimo’, they would simultaneously circle their hearts with their left hands.

Created in Richmond, B.C. in 1973, Chimo Community Services (Chimo) is a non-profit organization serving people through crisis care, transition and education.  At Chimo, they aim to prevent tragedies and save lives. The staff at Chimo are focused on strengthening and empowering individuals, families and communities. They build bridges of understanding and connect all clients to essential community resources.

Chimo Programs

Each year, Chimo’s almost 30 employees and over 200 volunteers serve over 10,000 individuals and families from different cultural backgrounds, age groups, family lifestyles, and economic situations. Through ten program areas, they provide diverse services in twelve languages.

Their services span a continuum from community building, counselling and individual crisis support, to legal advocacy, housing support and education.  They engage in collaborative community planning and develop innovative resources to address emerging needs.  Chimo leverages a three-prong approach to affecting social change and offer immediate need in their community.

Through transition programs, they aid people in making meaningful, lasting changes in their lives, or establishing themselves in Canada.

  • Counselling
  • Outreach and Advocacy
  • Access to Justice Programs
  • Newcomer Settlement Service
  • Homeless Prevention Program
  • Rent Bank Programs
  •  Senior Services Program

Through education programs, they encourage mental health awareness and emotional safety, as well as positively influence the views and behaviors of the community.

Community Engagement Programs

These programs and services are supported by the Government of British Columbia, the City of Richmond, Vancouver Coastal Health, the Law Foundation of British Columbia, various community and family foundations, service clubs, and generous community and business donors.


The Board of Directors (Board) is the governing body of Chimo Community Services and it establishes policies and sets specific objectives relative to the overall mandate of the Society.  The Executive Director implements the vision, mandate and strategic direction as approved by the Board and is responsible for the successful management of the organization in accordance with annual priorities set with the Board. The Executive Director provides leadership in identifying priorities and objectives, supporting staff and committees and is overall responsible and accountable for the financial and organizational viability of Chimo.

The Executive Director embodies active external facing advocacy on issues of importance to the Chimo mandate, board and overall management to ensure that Chimo’s staff, financial and other resources are organized and directed towards the implementation of the policies and attainments of the objectives established by the Board. This includes the planning, implementation and evaluation of existing and future programs.  The Executive Director achieves their goals in partnership and collaboration with Board members, staff, volunteers and community agencies when appropriate.


Board of Directors:

  • Ensure that each Board member has all the information necessary to properly exercise their legal and functional responsibilities.
  • In liaison with the Board Chair, plan the agenda for meetings, regularly attend all Board meetings and committee meetings, when possible.
  • Ensure the members of the Board are kept abreast of the activities of the society through monthly reports, or as needed.
  • Provide adequate information to the Board to help them reach sound decisions and establish policies.

Strategic Planning:

  • Define and carry out pro-active approaches to strengthen overall agency sustainability, economic position, community support and visibility.
  • Works with the Board to set strategic directions in response to the surrounding economic, social and political environment.
  • Assist the Board annually in the preparation of long term and annual plans. These plans identify critical issues facing the organization and include specific programs and activity objectives for each critical issue and area of the operation for one, three and five years.
  • Assist the Board in developing a budget that will reflect the financial implications of the annual plan.
  • On a quarterly basis, provide the Board with a formal review of the performance of the Society in relation to the objectives laid out in the annual plan.

Organization and Management of Human Resources:

  • Ensures that interactions with all internal stakeholders support the organization, its work, and those involved in doing it.
  • Responsible for the development of an organizational structure for the staff of the Society that will ensure the resources are directed towards accomplishing the objective laid out in the annual plan.
  • Recommend staff requirements, salaries to the Board.
  • Ensure a clear definition of the responsibility of each employee, the on-going management, direction and motivation of the staff, and a system of measurement of employee performance, each being carried out in a manner that will ensure that the objectives established in the annual plan are accomplished.
  • Responsible for the on-going labour-management relations.


  • Responsible for developing an operational plan to realize the strategic direction. This plan will focus on engaging related stakeholders to determine needs. It will include implementing a plan that supports the organization mission and results in a safe transparent, inclusive, risk, free work environment and produces successful outcomes.
  • Through the Program Managers, other professional and administrative staff and volunteers, ensures the provision of the highest quality of service within the policy and objectives established by the Board.
  • Oversees the effective and consistent implementation of Board policy across the organization and ensures that all aspects of the organization and its components operate within all applicable legislation and regulations.


  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with major funding sources and oversees the generation of new sources of revenue.
  • Assist in the development of fundraising strategies and goals and the implementation of these plans.

Community Relations:

  • Ensures the development of a public relations program that will project a positive image of Chimo to the community.
  • Participate in community committees when appropriate; develop and make presentations in the community when appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain a positive liaison with the media and other community agencies.
  • Attend and possibly host a range of fundraising events, new program inaugurations and public relations events. The Executive Director will act as a liaison between the organization and a range of external stakeholders including other nonprofit leaders, various levels of government, and with leaders in business

Financial Administration and Control:

  • Ensure that all new programs submit budgets which fully reflect their operating costs.
  • Review the timely preparation of all required financial information; the implementation of appropriate internal financial controls.
  • Approve expenditures within the limits of the budget approved by the Board.


  • Demonstrated Experience
  • Experience working in a non-profit Society
  • Experience effectively managing diverse groups of employees and volunteers through change
  • Experience working and managing in a unionized environment.
  • Experience working with advocacy, new immigrants, crisis management, transitional housing, volunteers and community engagement.
  • Experience managing budgets with multiple funders and raising funds.
  • Proven ability to work successfully with diverse populations and demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Demonstrated Skills
  • Seven or more years of progressive management experience in a non-profit organization.
  • Experience in change management is essential
  • Strong managerial, organizational, and interpersonal leadership skills
  • Experience, knowledge and demonstrated ability to effectively work in environments of crisis
  • Experience and knowledge of leadership and management principles as they relate to non-profit/voluntary organizations.
  • Knowledge of government funding and negotiations.
  • Knowledge of crisis intervention issues and strategies.
  • Ability to develop and foster collaborative relationships within Chimo, their partners, and in the community.
  • Experience in non-profit governance structures.
  • Knowledge of fundraising strategies.
  • Commitment to cultural competency and experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds/cultures.
  • Ability to problem solve in a complex environment and think strategically.
  • Strong administrative, writing, communication and time management skills.


  • University degree in a related field preferred.
  • Satisfactory completion of a Criminal Record Search.


If you are interested in learning more about this exciting leadership opportunity, please contact the lead partner of our team:

Bruce Diemert, Partner                                                        604-282-6075

Cheryl Lai, Consultant                                                                   416-928-4580

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Cheryl Lai
Executive Director
Richmond, BC
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