New online training program to combat sexualized workplace harassment and violence in Victoria’s bars and restaurants

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Ending Violence Association of BC is pleased to announce the launch of its newest training program, TIPS: Training in Prevention & Safety. With funding provided by the City of Victoria and Justice Canada, EVA BC in partnership with Good Night Out Vancouver was able to develop an online training course responding to and preventing sexualized workplace harassment and violence in Victoria’s bars, restaurants and the hospitality industry.

Workplace sexual harassment is a persistent and widespread problem impacting two-in-five workers and is particularly pervasive in the hospitality industry. In fact, bars and restaurants are the top two public places where Canadians report experiencing unwanted sexual behaviour. This training initiative is critical to preventing and responding to incidents of sexual violence, as employers and employees learn how to work together to proactively mitigate the risk of sexual violence. This initiative creates a shared responsibility in the workplace – among managers, supervisors and staff in which safety remains paramount.

“This initiative is a step in the right direction to prevent sexualized violence in Victoria. The work started in 2019 but was really elevated by the voices of survivors and hospitality industry leaders. Public safety begins with education, and we are grateful for the collaboration of GNO and EVA to develop this free training for the hospitality sector,” said City of Victoria Councillor. Jeremy Loveday.

“Prevention measures like the TIPS training are the best defense against workplace sexual harassment,” said Ninu Kang of Ending Violence Association of BC. “This initiative will show businesses how to create positive workplace cultures that support the health and safety of staff and patrons and prevent sexual harassment.”

Workplace sexual harassment in Canada:

●        Two in five Canadians (43%) have experienced sexual harassment and violence at work

●        52% of Canadian women have reported that they have experienced workplace sexual harassment

●        Co-workers (26%) and customers (30%) are the most common perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment

●        One in four who reported workplace sexual harassment said it made the situation worse

 “Industry stakeholders have been asking us for quite a while to include an online component to our sexual violence training and we couldn’t be happier to partner with the City of Victoria and anti-violence experts in our province, Ending Violence Association of BC, to make that happen for Victoria establishments,” said Stacey Forrester, Founder and Education Director of Good Night Out Vancouver. “Preventing sexual and gender-based violence requires ongoing skill building, and the TIPS online modules are a great entry point for employers and workers to start building these skills.”

To access the training for employers and workers in the Victoria hospitality industry and for more information, visit:

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