VAWG Prevention Best Practices Manual

Be More Than A Bystander – A Violence Against Women And Girls (VAWG) Prevention Program: Lessons Learned And Best Practices Identified.

This new set of violence prevention best practices is an overview and analysis of the lessons learned and best practices identified through our highly successful program, Be More Than A Bystander; a program conceived of by EVA BC and launched and managed in a partnership between EVA BC and the BC Lions Football Club. We wish to extend our sincere and profound thanks to the entire BC Lions organization; management and players, for sharing our vision and working together with us, with such integrity, to create what has become a world class violence against women and girls violence prevention program.

Since our collective inception, anti-violence programs have engaged in violence prevention work alongside the critical intervention services that are provided for survivors of relationship violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Much of the prevention work has been done off the sides of our desks, often without the support and benefit of dedicated funding. This manual is intended to support the ongoing work of anti-violence programs and others conducting VAWG prevention campaigns by summarizing what we have learned about prevention through our highly successful campaign. We hope that by sharing the knowledge developed through the case example of the Be More Than a Bystander campaign, we will contribute to the universal body of knowledge related to VAWG prevention programs and lend support to other similar work being done or being considered.

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