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Be More Than a Bystander

This groundbreaking partnership between EVA BC and the BC Lions sees sports icons from the BC Lions urging everyone to “Break the Silence on Violence Against Women”. BE MORE THAN A BYSTANDER


Community Coordination for Women’s Safetyccws

CCWS supports responders and service providers in working together to increase women’s safety in communities across BC. CCWS 


SHARP Workplaces

SHARP (Sexual Harassment Advice, Response, and Prevention) Workplaces is a five-year collaborative project between EVA BC and Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS). Funded by the Department of Justice, it helps workplace sexual harassment complainants in British Columbia gain greater access to legal support and more informational resources. It also enables employers and employees to increase their knowledge, skill, and confidence levels in handling this complex issue. SHARP WORKPLACES

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