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Highlights from a preliminary study of police classification of sexual assault cases as unfounded

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BC’s Early Alarm About Police Unfounded Classifications of Sexual Assault:

In 2006 our then Legal Analyst, Gisela Ruebsaat and our long time colleague and sometimes consultant, Linda Light provided their findings from a research project they conducted to the Federal Department of Justice, who also funded the research. The research was conducted with the cooperation of the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department and looked into how police classify sexual assault cases. Their findings were not dissimilar to the more recent cases published in the Globe and Mail by Robyn Doolittle.

Please visit Department of Justice Canada’s website to see this report, Highlights from a Preliminary Study of Police Classification of Sexual Assault Cases as Unfounded.

…The idea for this research project emerged at the 2003 National Victims of Crime Conference in Ottawa, where participants reiterated the need for more focused attention on sexual assault, in terms of both research and action to improve the criminal justice response. The exploratory study was undertaken by Linda Light and Gisela Ruebsaat (forthcoming) for the Justice Institute of British Columbia. It was funded by the Policy Centre for Victim Issues and the Government of British Columbia and was managed by the Research and Statistics Division at the Department of Justice Canada…

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