TIPS: Training in Prevention & Safety

TIPS (Training in Prevention and Safety) is a program developed by Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) and Good Night Out Vancouver (GNOV). It is a voluntary and free online training specifically created for the bars, restaurant and hospitality industry in Victoria. The training is intended for employers (owners, managers, supervisors) and employees. It includes modules on how to strengthen workplace culture, how to recognize and respond to incidents, how to  support those impacted, and an overview of legal requirements. This training will help you look at your workplaces from all angles to make it a safer place. 

This online workplace sexual harassment training (TIPS) is interactive and engaging. It includes scenarios, videos, downloadable resources and interactive quizzes. 

There are two versions of TIPS, one for employers (owners, managers, and supervisors), and one for employees.

The total duration of the training is estimated to be 2.5-3 hours. The course is self-guided and participants can complete at their own pace.

  • Tips for responding to complaints
  • Information on the laws relevant to safe workplaces
  • Templates and best practices for developing policies and procedures
  • Overview on best practices for conducting investigations
  • Measures to mitigate the risk of sexual harassment
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • How to report workplace sexual harassment
  • Bystander intervention
  • Scenarios of workplace sexual harassment with interactive quizzes
  • Best practices for workplace and venue safety
Live Virtual and/or In-Person Training on Vancouver Island

EVA BC and Good Night Out Vancouver are collaborating on live virtual and/or in-person sexual violence prevention training on Vancouver Island. This program is funded through the Canadian Women’s Foundation. To learn more and sign up:


Workplace sexual harassment is a pervasive problem that is particularly prevalent in the hospitality industry. In Canada, two in five workers have experienced sexual harassment and violence. Creating safe workplaces is beneficial for employees to grow and succeed. Safe workplaces means less employee turnover, higher employee satisfaction, higher employee productivity which in turn will mean more success for employers and businesses. TIPS includes: bystander training, policy development, measures for creating safe workspace venues.

All employers (owners, managers, and supervisors) and employees should take this training. Everyone has a shared responsibility to keep a workplace free of sexual harassment. Workplace sexual harassment training should be a core part of your workplace training. Company-wide training creates a culture of accountability and ensures consistency in knowledge and skills.

The goals of TIPS are to provide low-barrier training to workplaces that is self-paced and easy for workplaces to maintain with staff turnover and ensure a consistent level of knowledge that workplaces can build on. The goals of the training are:·        

  • Increase awareness of how to recognize workplace sexual harassment
  • Best practices to protect staff and customers from harassment
  • Best practices for developing policies and procedures
  • Increase confidence for bystanders to intervene
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements, and how to respond to and investigate incidents

Developed by subject matter experts and funded in part by the City of Victoria and the province of British Columbia, this training is a low-barrier and offers a short online course that uses plain language to educate hospitality workplaces on how to address and prevent sexual harassment. The training offers a comprehensive overview of the issue incorporating a 360-degree approach that is inclusive of patrons, employers, and employees.


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