Annual Training Forum 2019


This year’s training forum looks at the many ways people may experience gender-based violence and abuse at any time of life, from childhood onward to adulthood and advanced age. People may suffer harm at any age from those in positions of profound trust to complete strangers. Perpetrators can be anyone – family members or guardians, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, coaches, intimate partners, caregivers, professionals or someone utterly unknown. Service providers respond to and support the needs of survivors of all ages on a daily basis.

Through five keynote presentations and twelve workshops, subject matter experts will be sharing their knowledge around how intimate partner and interpersonal violence can impact people across the years. Participants can expect to gain practical understanding and some best practices to enhance their work in supporting survivors, drawing inspiration from both this year’s presenters, as well as each other.

2019 Keynote Speeches from the Training Forum are now available on our YouTube page.

This year’s Keynote Speakers:

  • Myrna McCallum, LLB – Intergenerational Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy
  • Dr. Jennifer Charlesworth, BC Representative for Children and Youth – Key Questions About Gender-Based Violence: Supporting BC Children, Youth and Young Adults
  • Dr. Myrna Dawson – Femicide in Canada and Globally: Identifying Gender-Based Motives/Indicators in the Killings of Women and Girls
  • Vathsala Illesinghe, PhD Candidate – Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence in Canada: Taking a Transnational View
  • Dr. Catherine Richardson/Kinewesquao – Dignity and Recovery Across the Lifespan: Helping Survivors of Gendered Violence Reclaim Their Lives

The EVA BC Annual Training Forum is a unique professional development and networking event that brings together local and international experts to deliver keynotes and workshops to front-line anti-violence workers, executive directors and program staff across multiple sectors that respond to gender-based violence.

Artwork “Pilgrim’s Journey” kindly provided by Vancouver artist Joey Mallett
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