EVA BC Services

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Toll-Free Support, Debriefing and Information to Programs

EVA BC responds to calls on a daily basis from anti-violence programs that need assistance. We provide referrals, support and information and help programs to connect with each other. We support front-line workers, administrators and Board members across BC. Some of the areas that we commonly assist with include: what to do when files are subpoenaed, interventions where women are at risk and systems are not acting, records management policy and procedures, child protection issues and apprehensions, court-mandated counselling clients, the impact of trauma counselling on the counsellor, accreditation, general policy development and program management.

Regional Support Conference Calls

Each year, EVA BC coordinates regional conference calls to provide support and information to front-line workers. These calls create opportunities to share concerns and issues, problem-solve, and identify priorities that guide EVA BC in its work to mitigate problems in the anti-violence field.

Monitoring and Mitigation of Issues

During the regional conference calls, we hear about problems in the field that need resolution. Sometimes these problems relate to women’s safety, other times to policy issues in the various systems women deal with. EVA BC documents the issues, monitors them over time and works to solve the problems at the regional or provincial level.


Our newsletter is a forum for members and other subscribers to share information, learn from other programs, and find out the latest news from EVA BC and around the province. A print edition newsletter is published two times per year featuring articles on key issues currently affecting programs. In addition, a shorter, electronic newsletter, EVA E-News, is produced two times per year.

Website and Social Media

Our website provides 24-hour access to information and resources for program staff, volunteers and others in BC and beyond. All EVA BC tools and resources are posted on our site and are available for free download. We also regularly share information via our social media channels, all of which are fully integrated on our website.


EVA BC manages five separate listservs for Community-Based Victim Services, Stopping the Violence Counselling Programs, Stopping the Violence Outreach Programs (including Multicultural Outreach), cross-sectoral community coordination initiatives and executive directors. The listservs have created a lively forum for dialogue and information sharing between programs as well as for distribution of timely updates on breaking issues.

Interpretation of Policy, Legislation and Case Law

We conduct research and analysis of policy, program and legislative issues that affect our programs and the people they serve. The legal system is complex and ever changing, as are policy and programs related to social assistance, employment, criminal injuries, etc. EVA BC conducts analysis and distributes information to assist programs in understanding complex areas of law and policy so that they can pass this information on to their clients.

Assistance to Government

Throughout the year our funding Ministries require input on issues from the field. EVA BC conducts focus groups, surveys and needs assessments so we can assist government with current, accurate information. In addition, we inform the Ministries of emerging issues and sensitivities to assist them in setting directions and making decisions.

Education of Other Relevant Sectors

As a way to improve and advance the profile of anti violence services, as well as to improve the response women receive from other sectors, EVA BC provides education to sectors such as family law advocates and lawyers, police and police victim services, emergency managers, emergency social service coordinators, Corrections, etc.


EVA BC develops and delivers training for anti-violence programs that improves the consistency and quality of services, increases knowledge and skills, reduces isolation and creates networking opportunities. EVA BC’s Annual Training Forum provides an important opportunity each year for service providers and colleagues to come together to gain new skills and knowledge.

Specialized training we deliver when government subsidies are available include STV Feminist Counselling Core Training, STV Outreach Core Training and STV Feminist Counselling Core Training – Substance Use and Mental Health Module 4.

Resource Development

Guided by the feedback and priorities articulated by the programs, we develop resources and tools to assist service providers and to reduce duplication of efforts across BC.  To search EVA BC’s extensive resource materials, visit our Research & Publications page.