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The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver (EFry) is an independent, not for profit charitable organization that supports some of society’s most vulnerable populations – women, girls, and children at risk, involved in or affected by the justice system. We run more than 30 programs that work to break the cycle of poverty, addiction, mental illness, homelessness, and crime.

EFry supports a diverse range of clients, from newborn to senior citizens, many of whom are grappling with poverty or homelessness and lack the necessary resources to transform their lives. Our mission is to provide these individuals with the tools they need to build more stable and promising futures for themselves and their loved ones. Each year, we help 10,000 clients with this goal in mind. Our funding comes from a combination of government contracts and private sector donations. Many of our programs, such as those under the JustKids umbrella, are made possible solely through the generosity of grantees and donors.

Volunteers are a vital part of the EFry family. Eighty-five years ago, a small group of volunteers who were determined to make a difference created EFry after witnessing the poor treatment of women in the justice system. Today, volunteers remain at the heart of all we do, supporting our programs in prisons, at our facilities and in the community.

To learn more about our work and impact, please visit our website at

The EFry Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors is seeking three new Board Members who are passionate about our mission and values to join our Volunteer Board.


EFry is actively recruiting Directors who are:

  • Collaborative leaders who understand our community’s needs and the significance of women-only services.
  • Attentive listeners who are thoughtful in addressing complex issues such as long-term housing solutions for ex-prisoners.
  • Committed individuals ready to dedicate time to at least four Board meetings a year, alongside committee meetings, planning sessions, and special event
  • Knowledgeable about EFry’s mission and vision and willing to enhance our board’s effectiveness with expertise in finance and accounting, property and asset management, government relations, health, or social services and fund development.



  • Reviewing and approving EFry’s annual budget, periodic financial reports, annual financial statements, audit reports, and significant business decisions.
  • Reviewing written materials prepared by management in advance of each Board meeting.
  • Reviewing and approving EFry’s strategic plan and other long-term planning documents.
  • Reviewing the measures used within EFry to evaluate EFry’s impact, and how performance and effectiveness are measured.
  • Overseeing the performance and management of the CEO.
  • Facilitating the due diligence process of representing the best interests of clients and the community in the delivery of service.
  • Reviewing and assessing areas of risk to EFry.
  • Engaging in wise practice in governance including setting the process for board recruitment, board evaluation, and board orientation.
  • Serving on at least one standing committee of the Board.
  • Attending the Annual AGM in person annually.
  • Representing EFry as a goodwill ambassador.
  • Assisting in fundraising activities including introducing EFry to your network.
  • Making a personal financial contribution to EFry at a level suitable to your personal financial circumstances.


Regular attendance at Board Meetings and other important events include:

  • Full Board meetings (four to six meetings per year)
  • Committee meetings (four meetings per year depending on the committee)
  • Annual Planning and Board Development Weekend
  • Other events and special assignments from time to time (e.g. fundraising events, tours etc.)


If you are interested in becoming a board member, please view our Board Candidate Guide here, where you can learn more about the position.


EFry is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment where all those participating in the organization are valued for their differences. We encourage and welcome applications from all qualified individuals, including applicants from all cultures and backgrounds, racialized communities, indigenous communities, diverse sexual and gender identities, various religious backgrounds, women, and those with disabilities. We are committed to a selection process and work environment that is inclusive and barrier-free. We encourage applicants to self-identify if they wish to do so.

Ruby Parmar
HR Manager
New Westminster
V3L 3X1
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