Anti-Violence Worker Support

Join a Listserv

EVA BC manages five separate listservs for:

  1. Community-Based Victim Services (CBVS) programs
  2. Stopping the Violence Counselling (STVC) programs
  3. Stopping the Violence Outreach Services (STV ORS) and Multicultural Outreach Services (MORS) 
  4. Executive directors and program managers
  5. Community coordination initiatives

The listservs are forums for programs to share information and resources, to ask questions and find answers, and to engage in discussion on work-related issues.

Step 1: Make sure you are eligible

To join any of the first four listservs you must work for an EVA BC member program. Please note that executive directors must be carrying a caseload to join the CBVS, STV Counselling or STV and Multicultural Outreach listservs and program managers will need permission from their executive directors.

To join the listserv for community coordination initiatives, you must currently be a member of a community coordination group. For more information about this listserv, please contact

Step 2: Read the listserv user guidelines and agreement and then complete the form below:

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If you know it, please give the name of the program you are part of: CBVS, STV, MORS, etc.
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