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Third Party Reporting Guidebook 2.0

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The BC Third Party Reporting (TPR) Work Team announced the enhanced BC TPR Protocol in July 2019, and released the Third Party Reporting Guidebook 2.0: Increasing Reporting Options for Sexual Assault Survivors, (“TPR Guidebook 2.0”). The TPR Guidebook 2.0 contains comprehensive information about the Third Party Reporting Protocol in BC, and reflects TPR Protocol enhancements since the release of the first edition of the TPR Guidebook in 2015. The TPR Guidebook includes police protocol guidelines and action map, CBVS protocol guidelines and action map, a sample cover sheet and form, and a local interagency protocol template. This resource was developed and updated by the TPR Work Team to increase the implementation and effectiveness of the TPR protocol across BC.

To get a copy of the TPR Guidebook please contact Community Coordination for Women’s Safety at

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